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Tamil Nadu has been one of the top performing states in all facets of the National Development and Growth indices. And it has been rated as one of the more advanced and most industrialised states in India. Its proven scope and scale for technical innovation and product development, can be capitalised with the right support mechanism, to become the hub and most preferred destination for a robust and functioning hub for startup companies across the country.

This is an essential step to match the ongoing economic strides of Tamil Nadu government, and fostering a climate of startup-friendliness is a step in the right direction. TIDEL, in view of such a requirement has envisioned and put to action an incubation initiative that will transform TN as the Startup hub of the nation. Introducing TIDEL Thulir- The Start-up Incubation Centre of TIDEL.

TIDEL Thulir approaches a Startup with a 5-pronged approach that will provide 5 integral benefits for the budding companies:
a) Plug and Play Infrastructure:
TIDEL will host co-working spaces for startups with utilities, furniture, access to high-speed internet, and conference rooms on a booking basis at its facilities Taramani, Chennai, TIDEL, Coimbatore and TICEL Biopark, Coimbatore.
b) Mentorship Support:
TIDEL’s strategic positioning as an IT workspace organisation helps create a network of mentors that startups can interact with, validate ideas and seek support from. It will provide partnerships and learning with the support of esteemed institutions like Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) and NIT, Trichy.
c) Outreach:
TIDEL Thulir will work to create a culture of opening up to startups with focussed solutions to problem statements with incentives and foster a culture of joint problem solving. Companies can leverage various opportunities to showcase and feature their products/solutions in trade fairs, Guidance Tamil Nadu, Yaadhum Oorae portal and take part in challenges directly from the government.
d) Investor Connect:
TIDEL Thulir will facilitate a support network for the funding of startups through the Emerging Sector Seed Fund setup by Government of Tamil Nadu through TIDCO and TIDEL and through the Digital accelerator Program launched by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at the “Yaadhum Ooare” event at New York. It will also help the startups in reaching out to angel funds, commercialisation support services through programs like Agnii.
e) Business support services
All round business support from Project Management consultants, Agile coaches to Accounts and HR, will be provided at discounted discounted charges as a part of TIDEL Thulir.

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