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About TODEL Park

What they say about TIDEL Park….

"A great pleasure to see this very impressive effort"

-Capt. Amarinder Singh
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab
- July, 8, 2005

...Very impressive …  

  - Mr.Peklea Metso


                                       MFA, Finland

                                     - Nov, 25, 2004

...Very impressive building...


         - Mr.Dato Zulkifly Ab.Rahman

                       High Commissioner for India

                       Malaysian High Commission

                     New Delhi

                   - Nov, 18, 2004

...Very impressive infrastructure and people...


      - Ms.May Wong & Ms.Loretta Wan

              Hong Kong Trade Development


           - Nov, 15, 2004

...Very impressive, when vision and mission is met with excellence...


                            - Mr.P.Rana

                              Minister for Science &

                              Technology, Kathmandu


                          - Sep, 22, 2004

...Very much impressive with the great success of this mere concept of IT Park...


                           - Mr.Mr.Yasulsuni ENOKI

                           Ambassador of Japan

                         - July, 21, 2004  

...A remarkable work....

                                   - Mr.Heng Swee Keat

                                     Permanent Secretary

                                     Ministry of Trade

                                     and Industry


                               - Jan, 10, 2004

...A very impressive ICT work. Well done…  

         - Mr.Mohameed Ali Bin

                                 Mohameed Rustam

                                 Chief Minister of

                              Melaka, Malaysia

                            - Sep, 6, 2003

...Impressive facility...


                                     - Mr.Lew Syn Pan

                                    Ascendas, Singapore

                                  - Nov, 29, 2002  



                                           - Mr.Paul Wille


                                          Intrabel, Belgium

                                       - Oct, 24, 2002

...Extremely Impressive Project…


                                  - Mr.Jim O Hara

                                    Mr.Lindsay Pomeroy

                                 Microsoft, Redmond


                              - Oct, 21, 2002

...The future is now in this impressive IT complex…


              - Ambassador Robert D. Blackwill

               US. Embassy, New Delhi, India

             - Oct, 15, 2002

...Impressive Development...

- Mrs Pek Siok Ching 
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Manpower
- Oct, 10, 2002

...A very impressive building with impressive facilities …


                          - Hon’ble Chief Minister of

                            Perak State, Malaysia.

                          - Oct, 3, 2002

...Very Impressive infrastructure in IT…


               - A Delegation from the Russian

                 Academy of Economics

                 (Moscow) & Diplomats of the

                 Consulate General of Russia

               - Apr, 4, 2002

...An impressive and innovative development…


     - Mr. Roger BayLiss
 Exec.GM, Austrade,
Dubai, UAE 
- Feb, 13, 2002

...I was very impressed with your facilities and business concepts. I think your park may be one of the best parks in India...


                                - Mr. Tomohide Uchida

                                  Economic Advisor

                                Embassy of Japan,


                              - Jan, 24, 2002

...I am very impressed of what I have seen here…  

  - Mr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Dheeb

                      Executive President

                      Public Establishment For

                      Industrial Estates

                     Sultanate of Oman

                  - Jan, 12, 2002

...Congratulations on an impressive building…


                       - Ms. Mary Ellen Iskenderian


                          South Asia Development

                        International Finance


                     - Aug, 24, 2001

...Congratulations on a job well done…


                                 - Mr.Wang Kwok Pun

                                 High Commissioner of

  - Aug, 7, 2001

...Very impressive facility…  


                                 - Mr.Peter Sutherland

                                   Canadian High


                                 - July, 27, 2001

...I was very impressed with the set up and facilities offered at the TIDEL Park…


                                       - Mr.Malay Mishra

                                      High Commissioner

                                      Designate to


 - May, 20, 2001

...Greatly impressed. Congratulations to the leaders.  An example for Sri Lanka to follow...


                   - Mr.Indika Gunawardena

                    Minister of Higher Education

                    & Information Technology

                    Development, Columbo.

                    Sri Lanka.

                  - Apr, 24, 2001



                            - Mr. Mark Larsen

                              Consel for Public Affairs

                            U.S. Consulate Chennai.

                         - Apr, 19, 2001

...Most Impressive!...


                       - Mr. Lee James Irwin


                          Office of Public Diplomacy

                          South Asia Bureau

                        Dept. of State Washington


                      - Apr, 19, 2001

...Unbelievable! Congratulations!...


                        - Mr.Bill Johnston

                         Canadian High Commission


                       - Mar, 20, 2001

...This building is a major milestone for Chennai in realizing its vision to be a major Infocom Hub globally…


                           - Mr.Kaizad Heeyu

                           Information  Development

                           Authority of Singapore

 - Mar, 16, 2001

...Very impressed with TIDEL...


                     - Hon’ble Deelchand Jeeha

                      Minister for IT & Telecoms,


                    - Mar, 6, 2001

… it is the best park I have seen in India…


                         - Hon’ble Dr.Raman Singh

                         Minister of State Commerce

                         & Industry, Govt. of India.

                       - Nov, 25, 2000

…very impressive to visit the TIDEL Park...


                     - Mr.K.T.Chien

                        Taipei Economic & Cultural

                      Centre, New Delhi

                    - Nov, 13, 2000

...I am deeply impressed to see state of art facility created…  

       - Hon’ble Thiru Om Prakash

                        Chautala, Chief Minister,


                      - Nov, 4, 2000

...It is an absolute pleasure to see that India can boost of such high standards...  

           - Mr.Omar Abdullah

                                   M.O.S. Commerce  &

                                Industry, Govt. of India

                             - Nov, 1, 2000

...Excellent And Marvelous. I am fully overwhelmed to see this huge Park…  

           - Mr.Jitandar Chowdary

                                Minister of ST & E and


                             Govt. of Tirupura

                          – Oct, 27, 2000  

...Nice to see this fabulous infrastructure for IT industry…  


- Mr. S.S.Ahluwalia, MP 
Chairman of Parliament


- Oct, 19, 2000