Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Company as a responsible corporate Organisation has ingrained the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility deeply into its value system. Our CSR activity mainly covers Education, Skill development, Health, Infrastructure, Water Resources, Environment, Culture & Heritage, Welfare activities, to address any natural calamity etc. In addition to the above, need based activities are also carried out in Tamilnadu. The CSR policy is available on the Company’s website at www.tidelpark.com


The Policy provides focus on following areas:


a. Education:

  •  To construct and maintain School buildings, classrooms and other facilities or infrastructure for educational purposes.
  •  To provide free job training to a stipulated number of professional graduates belonging to economically weaker sections.
  •  To support educational facilities in various Government schools & colleges, by way of providing financial assistance to meritorious children, building additional class rooms, providing furniture etc.
  •  To provide computers to a number of Training institutes, Schools, Colleges etc.
  •  To give awards to students of Government High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and University securing first 3 ranks in the school in X & XII standard.
  •  To Plan the training programs for approved category of student from rural/slum areas helping them for higher studies.
  •  To provide training in various sports & athletic disciplines under the supervision of coaches, promoting sports amongst the youngsters by hosting District and State level athletic championships.


b. Health:

  •  To organize periodical Blood Donation camp and eye camp jointly with expert organizations in the field.
  •  To organize free special medical camps in association with the Department of Health and Medicine, Government of Tamil Nadu.


c. Building and Sites of Historical Importance:

  •  To contribute the resources towards the restoration of the buildings and sites which are of historically important.


d. Economic Development:

  •  To set up Computer Training Centre, to provide computer literacy to unemployed youth.
  •  To provide advanced Training in Computers to make the youth employable
  •  To provide various kinds of vocational training to the rural youth of the area
  •  To Develop centres for conducting training in various vocational related areas i.e., typewriting, sewing, apparel making, bee keeping, etc.


e. Environment:

  •  To undertake scheme which would enhance the green belt cover
  •  To undertake schemes for animal welfare
  •  To prepare & implement schemes for maintaining quality of soil
  •  To undertake the activities of eco restoration and allied activities


f. Natural Calamity:

  •  To Plan and implement appropriate scheme permitted under CSR policy to help the destitute who are affected by Natural calamities.


g. Water Supply including Drinking Water:

  •  To undertake measures of distillation of water tanks, water flow canals, water ways etc.
  •  To undertake measures for interconnecting water tanks, water ways, canals etc.
  •  To construct new water tanks and ponds.
  •  To plan, implement and monitor Rain water harvesting scheme
  •  To develop drinking water facilities in the buildings and shelters for poor, old age homes, orphanages etc.


h. Women Empowerment and Safety:

  •  To construct and maintain homes, hostels and shelters for women
  •  To Promote and conduct awareness programs on girl education and their rights
  •  To Promote and conduct training programs for women employment
  •  To Promote and conduct programs held for the purpose of safety and security of girls.


i. Shelters, Day care centers and other facilities for socially and economic backward groups:

  •  To set up Day Care Centres for senior citizens.
  •  To construct and maintain shelters for old age people, sadhus, saints etc.,
  •  To arrange drinking water facilities and food arrangements for such shelters etc.