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Vendor Enlistment

Tidel Park proposes to create a vendors database for carrying out various Civil, ElectroMechanical works in its Building. The Vendors/Contractors who wish to enlist their names are requested to enlist their names by providing the information as per the following format through this website. Please note no hardcopy will be entertained. Please also note that this enlistment does not give the Vendors the right that they shall receive all trade enquiries from Tidel and Tidel has the right to accept or reject such tender enlistment.

Name of the Company (Regd office/Head office) 
Status of the Company (Tick whichever is applicable)
Public Limited Company Private Limited Company
Partnership  Proprietary
Address 1
Address 2, if any
PIN Code 
E-mail address
Type of products / services offered
Name of the products / Services offered for which enlistment is made (Pl indicate our product/services ref no) 

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Capacity – Please indicate the maximum value of a single order executed by you and also the respective client reference with contact person name, phone no
Company’s turnover for the last three years (in Lakhs) 
Contact Person Designation Contact Number E-mail ID 
Vendor Type (Tick whichever is applicable) 
Manufacturer  Authorised agent
Contractor Others


Local sales tax No

Local sales tax jurisdiction

Service tax no
Service tax Jurisdiction
Central sales Tax Regn. no if any 
Income tax ward/Circle

(NOTE – Please note that the vendor wishes to enlist, should have sufficient experience in the field for which he wishes to enlist.)