Beautiful Progressive Dynamic Tamilnadu

Talent Pool

Added to other advantages, Chennai has the wealth of the future in its educated youth annually emerging from 54 universities and 498 engineering colleges.

A key advantage lies in the highly skilled software professionals of Tamil Nadu who make up about 64% of the current total of software professionals in the country.

Nearly 1,92,000 engineering graduates pass out of the engineering institutions of the state annually, a number that keeps growing year after year. Of the present 1,92,000 engineers who graduate every year from Tamil Nadu, 68,000 are from information technology-related disciplines, coming from premier institutions of excellence such as IIT, Anna University chennai.

Software exports from Tamil Nadu have increased from a humble Rs. 1610 Million in 1996-97 to a phenomenal Rs. 63160 Million in 2002-2003, and continues to grow at a CAGR of over 95%. The hardware exports in the year 2001-2002 was Rs. 58000 Millions (NASSCOM/ESC). With over 33,000 professionals presently working in Tamil Nadu, we have one of the largest pools of software professionals in the country.